Explosive start of athlete with handicap

CSA specializes in providing the highest quality prosthetic and orthopedic devices made from leading manufacturers. Our selection has some of the latest materials and most advanced designs available. In addition to supplying patients with their medical equipment, CSA makes ongoing adjustments and modifications to give them the best possible results. We provide devices for:

  • Above the knee
  • Below the knee
  • Prosthetic & mechanical hands
  • Prosthetic & mechanical elbows
  • Feet & toes
  • Ankle-foot orthoses
  • Hip orthoses
  • Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot, Knee-Ankle-Foot, Knee orthoses
  • Custom orthopedic shoes
  • Custom spinal bracing (scoliosis)
  • Custom sports bracing
  • Off-the-shelf bracing (all types)
  • Orthopedic shoe inserts

Convenience For You and Your Patient

Now more than ever, convenience counts – patients need all the support they can get. That’s why CSA offers conveniences that make rehabilitation easier on your patient. We are always available to help patients, offering the experience, compassion and care that gets results:

  • Convenient Location – Our convenient, handicapped-accessible location has a pleasant atmosphere patients are sure to appreciate.
  • Convenient Scheduling – We offer flexible scheduling Monday through Friday, and we always see patients promptly because we value their time.
  • Convenience Policies – CSA accepts most insurance, and our friendly office staff will verify benefits with the patient’s insurance company in advance so there are no surprises.
  • Convenient Payments – We accept most forms of payment, including Visa and Mastercard.
  • Convenient Services – CSA offers a number of additional services to make things easier for patients, including van pick ups for those who cannot get to our location.

When everyone involved in your patient’s recovery works together, the patient benefits from the combined effort. At CSA, we communicate with our clients to learn valuable input about your patient’s condition that may affect your patient’s use of the device. The more we know about your patient’s lifestyle, goals and physical concerns, the more successful they will be at using their new prosthetic or orthotic device.