CSA Medical & Orthopaedic Equipment, Inc.

CSA is a premier supplier of prosthetic and orthopedic equipment working with medical professionals throughout the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC area. We offer a wide range of products and services to allow your patients rediscover their active lives.

  • Delivering High-Quality Devices

    Our company relies on prosthetic and orthotic devices from leading manufacturers. We work closely with you, your patient and their therapist to narrow down a specific product with the patient’s needs, lifestyle and goals in mind.

  • Helping Patients Succeed

    At CSA, we take a realistic, positive, goal-oriented approach to rehabilitation, starting with communication. Not only do we communicate with doctors, but we make it a priority to understand the patients they work with, helping them succeed in using their prosthetic or orthopedic device.

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    For any questions about our services or our products, please give us a call today.

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